EdorReco Smart Watch,1.3″ Touch Screen Smartwatch,Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor,Waterproof IP68 Fitness Tracker Watch Pedometer Stopwatch,Smart Watch for Men Women for i-Phone Android mobile

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Product Description

Some questions about smart watches are often misunderstood.

Q1: How to pair and connect the Bluetooth bracelet/watch?

A: Please make sure that the watch/phone is turned on and the Bluetooth is not bound. Specifically, you can check the manual of the corresponding product, turn on the watch, and check the Bluetooth status of the watch, and then use our App to search and bind, then you can use it normally.Note: Please do not directly pair with the watch through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone system. You need to download the latest version of the App for pairing and use, and ensure that the Bluetooth of the phone is turned on (higher version Android phones need to allow location permissions to search for Bluetooth devices, please allow us App use location permission)

Q2:Why does Bluetooth disconnect frequently?

A1:Make sure that the APP is always running in the background of the phone, otherwise the device will be disconnected. You can lock the App in the background of the phone to prevent the APP from being forcibly closed every time you clear the background operation.

For example: S8 mobile phone settings background process:

a- Mobile phone→Settings→Application→SMART-TIME PRO→Battery→Allow background activities;

b- About the SMART-TIME PRO APP not used for a long time, the related setting process of the mobile phone: mobile phone-setting-equipment maintenance-battery-application power consumption management.

Q3:What happens to phones that are not compatible with the watch?(At present, the compatible version of this product is IOS 11.0 or higher, and Android 4.4 or higher.)

A:1.Since the chip is temporarily not compatible with all Android phones, when your phone is not compatible with the watch, some functions will fail. 2. There is a message delay phenomenon. 3. There is a slow binding popup.In short, since the watch is a multifunctional electronic product, please before you have any questions.

☀【Built-in 11 sports modes】: Built-in running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, treadmill, spinning, yoga, swimming, basketball, football, badminton 11 sports modes, the watch can track your daily activity data, for example Effective steps, calories, distance and minutes, and generate data graphs on the device.
☀【Test before shipment】 The product has undergone these tests before shipment: impact-0.3m controlled drop, screen squeeze test, strap bending durability, waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature storage, high and low temperature work, strap resistance Pull test, adhesion test, salt spray, package drop test, distance test, compatibility test.
☀【Incoming Call & Message Notification】 Receive the displayed call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter) notifications; vibrate to notify you of incoming calls and messages; remind you to move after a period of inactivity and important dates, To help you stay in touch and never miss important news.
☀【Detailed description】 For your feeling of using, please read the user manual carefully before use. We provide a very detailed manual ​​and provide warranty service. Please keep the user manual and warranty card. Since the product is a functional product, please don’t worry about thinking that the product has a problem. Improper use can also cause data problems in the product. If there are any question please feel free to contact me.


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